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Michelle Orr Noisette,
Board Chair

"'It takes a village to raise a child' - African Proverb


Teachers' Supply Closet, its volunteers, sponsors, and board members are part of that village contributing to the academic and social development of students in the schools of the Tri-County area by providing school supplies.


The academic development is obvious because the supplies provided are the essential tools required to help students succeed in academia. When students are equally equipped with items they need, they are more likely to have a positive self image as well as positive interactions with other students and teachers.


Please consider becoming a member of our village by donating to or sponsoring Teachers' Supply Closet as we continue to nurture our children/students."

Terri H. Nichols

Vice Chair


Francine M. Mitchell



Mary Ann Wright



Shakeima T. Chatman
Dolores Green
Octavia Mitchell Hilton
Teresa Hinson
Courtney Johnson
Theodore Nelson
Marietta Ascue Worthy
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